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Did I get you interested - Do you want to know more?​

​Feel free to give me a call with any question or inquiry you may have.
Contact me now on mail or call me 40 45 55 20.

Looking forward in helping and serving you!

It´s my aim to get you through your tests at your First try

You get inspirering theory classes and 15 lessons riding on the road (in other schools they give you 13). But thats just the basic - you receive a lot extra for free to prepare you as the best on two wheels.

A well prepared motorcycle driving instructor who also speaks fluent English and Spanish

I have over 40 years of riding experience, driving everything from Touring, Cruiser, Street/Cafe, Race and OffRoad bikes. More than 450 happy students are a testament to this.

I can make your dream come true in starting your dream on a life on a Motorcycle.

The instruction is for all categories A1, A2 and A:

Check to learn what size you may drive - Click here

Theory in the classroom

Each theory session consists of approximately 3 hours where we will learn from dialogue and use of big screen (no sitting alone at computers). Time passes quickly in the classroom with lectures and information about all you need to know about motorbikes and motorcycle riding.

​Practical instruction using the Jyllandsringen Racetrack

At the end of your education I will take you through a course on how to react and behave in cases of close-to accidents situations. This day will also include an extensive course of using your skills and improving them on the Racetrack at your pace doing better each lap you complete. :-) The idea is that you will learn how safe the bike is as long as you trust it and know how to handle it correctly. You may name this day as your active life-Insurance. 

Easy booking of your riding​

You make an easy booking of your riding lessons on the road when it fits you best into your schedule.

You will normally ride with 1 or 2 other trainees during the practical driving lessons.

Happy and satisfied drivers are our goal and desire at this Motorcycle Driving School in Vejle Denmark

Our adress

Motorcykel Køreskolen Vejle (Bjerregaard UC)

​Boulevarden 11 F, 7100 Vejle

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Any questions?


Phone: 40 45 55 20

​CVR: 29418098