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Education for categories A1, A2 and A:

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​​Theory lessons

You will receive live theoretical lessons using pictures, chalkboard and direct explanations, I’ll answer any questions or queries you may have.. In addition to the compulsory classroom education (your preparation for theory test). You’ll also receive vital knowledge about riding and safety on a motorbike. Additionally I’ll pass on my extensive s knowledge and training on getting the most out of riding your motorcycle (what gives you larger and more enjoyable experiences). You will be taught by an enthusiast with over 40 years of experience on 2 wheels, and we will share knowledge about the difference between Cruse, Touring, Race, Street and Off-Road motorbikes.You’ll learn about both the different style and riding techniques as well as important point to think about before choosing your Motorbike and personal equipment.

​6 lessons in motorcycle riding technique

In other riding schools you only get 5 lessons at a small boring facility. I use the huge Jyllandsringen racetrack where I also give you an extensive riding course to improve your vital riding skills on bends and emergency braking from fairly high speeds.

This day is perhaps your active life insurance, as I work a lot on averting the most common accidents for motorcyclists, plus preparing you to get the most out of your rides on your motorbike.

Lessons riding on the roads

With carefully selected routes, this is where I’ll prepare you to become a really competent rider swinging around bends, you will also be trained to brake properly.

I have an indispensable desire and goal which is that when the riders's license is in your pocket you also will have great riding skills - like those who have been riding for many years. Trust me....! 450 satisfied students talk their own language.​


It is fairly easy to learn what it takes to pass a riding test for Motorcycle,

but you will only learn how to drive a Motorcycle for real in my School

including being given all tools for fun and riding safely whilst on 2 wheels.

Your safety comes First

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​​Call us at telephone: +45 40 45 55 20.

​​The Danish board for Safe Traffic gives good online reminders for proper Motorcycle driving Sikker Trafik.

I recommend to all motorcycle riders to make a refreshing driving course every second year in order to keep your skills updated. That can be done in this school or at MCTC 

There is also an option for a more advanced course at Jyllandsringen in Silkeborg only with a few options per year

For good measure, you must be aware that it is your own accident insurance that applies to any accident with personal injury occurred in driving school.

Read more about European rules for the Categories: A1-A2-A.

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​Feel free to give me a call with any question or inquiry you may have.
Contact me now on mail or call me 40 45 55 20.

Looking forward in helping and serving you!

It is my aim to get you through your test at the first try

You will get access to unlimited theory classes. Included in the package you will also receive 13 lessons riding on the road.

A well prepared motorcycle instructor who also speaks fluent English and Spanish

I have over 40 years of riding experience, riding everything from Touring, Cruiser, Street/Cafe, Race and OffRoad bikes. 450 happy students are a testament to this.

Theory in the classroom

Each theory session consists of approximately 3 hours. Time will go quickly in the classroom with lectures and instruction on all the things you’ll want and need to know about motorcycle riding.

​Practical instruction using the Jyllandsringen Racetrack

At the end of your education I will take you through a course on how to react and behave in cases of close-to accidents situations. This day will also include an exclusive course of "using your skills a good as you can - improving them by each lap you complete on the Racetrack". The idea is that you will learn how safe the bike is as long as you trust it and know to handle it correctly. (A day of active life-Insurance). Make your dream come true. Get your license for Motorcycle

Instruction for categories A1, A2 and A:

Check to learn what size you may drive - Click here

Easy booking of your riding​

You make an easy booking of your riding lessons on the road when it fits best into your schedule and availability.

You will normally ridewith 1 or 2 other trainees during the practical lessons.

Happy and satisfied drivers are our goal and desire

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Motorcykel Køreskolen Vejle (Bjerregaard UC)

​Boulevarden 11 F, 7100 Vejle

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