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At the motorcycle driving school in the Vejle triangle, you really learn to drive a motorcycle

Not only do I give you a motorcycle license, I also give you expert driving skills and I guarantee that you will learn much more than a driving test requires.

​​I am very keen that my theory lessons and driving lessons should be characterized by trust and a relaxed atmosphere. I will take care of and remove your uncertainty and anxiety about the 2 wheels, with patience and the right attitude.

Although some time passes, the motorcycle school is determined to drive green - on an electric motorcycle. Therefore, a collaboration and agreement has been entered into with Nimbus motorcycles, (an old Danish motorcycle from before 1960, manufactured by Nilfisk (Fisker & Nielsen) which will be resurrected powered by electricity in a few years. Follow the exciting project here

I can help you get a motorcycle driving license so that you are ready to take your motorcycle out on the country roads in Vejle, Fredericia, Kolding and Horsens.


Get a handle on legislation and driving techniques

At MC Vejle, we specialize in training motorcyclists at all levels. Whether you are completely new to motorcycling or already experienced, we can help you become a safe and skilled motorcyclist. Our courses and educations are built around legislation and driving techniques, so you can feel safe and secure on the road.

We have modern equipment and experienced instructors

We believe that the right equipment and the right instructors can make a big difference when it comes to getting a motorcycle licence. That's why we always have the latest equipment, including both motorcycles and safety equipment. We also have experienced and skilled instructors who know what it takes to become a safe and skilled motorcyclist.

Experience the freedom of two wheels with a motorcycle license

Do you want to get out and experience the freedom on two wheels, with a motorcycle driving licence? Then you have come to the right place.

You can check up on team start and prices here on the page. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by phone 40 45 55 20, by mail, or by filling out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible so you can get started with your motorcycle driving licence.

The dream of riding a motorcycle is closer than you think​

Here you will be taught theory and driving by a motorcycle enthusiast with 40 years of experience, so you will be completely ready for your new adventure!

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With me, you get more than a driving licence, you get dressed for the roads

Quality and price go hand in hand, this also applies when you buy a motorcycle driving license from me, and here you are sure to get much more than just a cheap MC driving license

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Do you want to learn more about motorcycles and get good tips and tricks?

Watch some of my videos where I tell and show tips and tricks for the motorcycle and the MC driving test

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The aim is that you pass the first time

Theory teaching is unlimited. Included are 13 driving lessons that the law requires for a motorcycle license.

​Well-trained motorcycle driving instructor

I have 43 years of experience on Motorcycle as Touring, Cruiser, Cafe, StreetRace and OffRoad, in Europe, USA, Asia, South America, North Africa and NZ, and every year I train my skills on new tracks and extreme roads. Therefore, as a motorcycle driving instructor, I have over 450 satisfied MC students in the driving school.

​Easy booking of driving

You easily book your driving lessons on an ongoing basis, when it fits into your schedule, and you are not financially burdened by having to pay extra because others cannot drive with you at the same time.
​Your MC driving instructor is flexible to find times that fit into your calendar, so that your motorcycle driving school adapts to you, who has to drive long distances, whether from Hedensted, Horsens, Egtved or Jelling etc.

Oral theory instruction

Time flies in the classroom, with all the things you learn about riding a motorcycle and living life as a motorcyclist. This is also where you get answers to all the questions that naturally arise. In other words, much more than all the other driving schools that offer motorcycle driver's license training in the Vejle and Horsens areas.

Happy and satisfied students are our specialty at this motorcycle driving school

Actually, passing a motorcycle driver's license is EASY, but there aren't many places where you truly learn how to ride a motorcycle - and acquire tools for both the fun and playfulness - while always staying safe on the road.

Stay updated with our Facebook page and get an insight into our daily life, where we regularly share pictures from the various projects we are working on.

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