Motorcycle Driving School Vejle for Categories A1, A2, and A:

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​​Theory Lessons in the Classroom

You will receive live board instruction and explanations with pictures and drawings. In addition to the mandatory teaching (preparation for the theory test), you will receive comprehensive instruction with vital knowledge about motorcycle riding and survival, as well as guidance on maximizing your motorcycle experience (bigger and more enjoyable adventures). You will be guided to make the right choices for both motorcycles and gear. Your instructor is a geek and enthusiast with 45 years of experience on two wheels, and we will share knowledge about everything from Cruisers, Touring, Racing, Street, and Off-Road - including style, riding techniques, and choice of motorcycles and equipment. But, of course, you will also be thoroughly prepared to pass the theory for your motorcycle license, so the cost of your motorcycle license will actually be quite low.

​5 Lessons at Køreteknisk Anlæg - Ring Djursland

While other motorcycle driving schools offer you 5 lessons at a small and boring facility, I use the large Ring Djursland where I give you an important driving course to fine-tune your vital techniques (which I have already taught you), both cornering and braking - even from high speeds of your choosing.

This could be your life insurance, as on this day, I work extensively on avoiding and handling the most common motorcycle accidents.

As your instructor, I prioritize your safety above all else. Note: It is not dangerous for you to ride on the racetrack (PS: The police train their motorcycle officers at Ring Djursland).

Maneuvers on the road

With carefully selected routes, this is where I skill you to become a skilled cornerer, and you will continuously be trained in proper braking techniques.

You will ride a motorcycle on beautiful roads in the "Trekanten" and also ride in a City.

My goal is that when you have your license, you'll ride just as well as those who have been riding for years! A lofty ambition, but I have actually achieved it with more than 450 satisfied students who have been part of Motorcycle Driving School Horsens, Vejle, Juelsminde, Vandel, Fredericia, etc.

You'll have the opportunity to try out various types of motorcycles, so you can get an idea of which style and type suits you. Currently, there is the opportunity to ride Suzuki SV650, Honda NTV650, BMW G310GS, Honda CB125, Kawazaki Z250.

​The driving school has good experience in keeping the motorcycles well-maintained, thanks to excellent service and assistance from CVP in Horsens.


Passing a motorcycle license is actually EASY, but there aren't many places where you truly learn how to ride a motorcycle - and acquire tools for both fun and safety on the road.

You will get that here in this driving school!

Your safety always comes first!