Extended instruction and approximately 2 free lessons in driving techniques make this a cost-effective motorcycle driver's license.

The mandatory instructional package, including an extended driving skills course at Ring Djursland (valued at 2,000 DKK), is available for just 10,500 DKK. Also included in the price is a potential follow-up course on your own motorcycle (valued at 500 DKK).

The package includes:

  • ​Mandatory theory lessons, plus about 4 free lessons covering safety, technique, and survival as a motorcycle rider.
  • Individual consideration for balance, courage, experience in traffic, etc.
  • Borrowing most of the driving equipment from the driving school.
  • Free CVP Horsens tote bag worth approximately 500 DKK.
  • Free additional theory instruction as needed.
  • Free follow-up driving course on your own motorcycle.
  • Free extended driving course at Ring Djursland Racetrack.
  • Possibility of discounts when purchasing a motorcycle and equipment.
  • Note: There is a fuel surcharge of 400 DKK per motorcycle student starting in March 2022

All students receive the same complete mandatory theory package, along with up to 4 free lessons focusing on safety, technique, and survival as a motorcycle rider. It's important to read more about this - Click here

The Obligatory Driving Technical Facility has been replaced with Ring Djursland Racetrack, where I provide additional free instruction to fine-tune your driving skills on the large closed circuit. Here, you'll have the opportunity to lean far into the corners at high speeds, enhancing your riding and technique. A course that usually costs 2,000 DKK - offered for free to give you greater enjoyment and confidence when riding on two wheels. Overall, this is indeed a very affordable Motorcycle Driving School.

We all have different prerequisites for starting in a motorcycle driving school (balance, courage, prior experience with clutch mopeds, etc.), so individual consideration will be taken into account, especially if you are a woman, ensuring no one feels pressured. In this way, I guarantee that everyone will learn what is necessary while having a positive experience.

Also, remember to read about the driving school here.

The final price for the driver's license can vary, as you may need extra driving lessons (although this is rare). There will be 2-3 students riding in front of the car. If you wish to ride alone, there is an additional charge for this. All in all, this is a reasonable price for a motorcycle driver's license.

Cost for extra driving

Usually, there is no need for extra driving. The price for extra driving depends on the number of students driving and the length of the route.

​Per 45-minute lesson, the price ranges from 625 DKK to 700 DKK, depending on factors such as the day of the week, time of day, and effective driving time, but typically 650 DKK.

  • Rental of motorcycle for the driving test and car behind 795 DKK.
  • For each student, there is an administration fee of 465 DKK for various arrangements and access to an online theory book.
  • Be prepared to get a medical certificate. The doctor charges approximately 400 DKK for this.
  • Your motorcycle driving test starts with exercises on a closed circuit. The Danish Road Safety Agency has set a fee of 425 DKK for this.
  • If a driving lesson is canceled less than 16 hours before, a fee of 300 DKK is charged, except in case of illness.

It's a good idea to check with your insurance regarding motorcycle coverage (usually, there is no difference). The driving school does not cover personal injuries that may occur during motorcycle training.

Fine print: In the event that you unexpectedly damage the driving school's equipment or motorcycle, there will be a deductible for damages ranging from 300 DKK to 5,000 DKK.

When breaking down the 'package price', the following will be charged: Kravlegård 2,100 DKK, Theory 2,500 DKK, per 45-minute driving lesson 485 DKK, Login 300 DKK, Driving technique 2,445 DKK, Administration 300 DKK, with a minimum charge of 3,000 DKK after Kravlegård.